About SWISSto12

SWISSto12 is an innovative technology company that spun off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2011. The company pioneers the development and commercialisation of Radio-Frequency (RF) antenna, waveguide and filter products based on additive manufacturing.
The product portfolio includes:

  1. Additive manufactured (3D Printed) antenna, waveguide and filter components for microwave and mm-wave signals. Monolithic components are 3D printed out of advanced polymer materials and subsequently metal plated. SWISSto12's proprietary and innovative manufacturing technique allows for: reduced costs, reduced lead times, reduced component weight, increase in RF design flexibility
  2. A Material Characterisation Kit (MCK) that enables mm-wave and THz material permittivity and permeability measurements
  3. Corrugated waveguides and adaptors for low-loss mm-wave and THz signal transmission

material characterisation kit swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
ka-band antennas array swissto12 mm-wave terahertz
Material Characterisation Kit
The SWISSto12 Material Characterisation Kit (MCK) gives real time access to dielectric and magnetic proprieties of samples at study with accurate S-parameter measurements.
The MCK (pat.pend.) is based on the SWISSto12 corrugated waveguides. The MCK design allows for a compact, reliable and easy to operate instrument. A robust calibration kit and routine are included along with a data acquisition and analysis software. The SWISSto12 MCK enables versatile measurement capabilities for commercially available mm-wave and THz test and measurement equipment.
Additive manufactured RF components
SWISSto12 supplies additive manufactured (3D Printed) RF antenna, waveguide and filter components. The company specialises in product designs, which are 3D printed in high-performance polymers and subsequently metal plated through proprietary processes (pat. pend.). This novel approach to manufacturing replaces traditional machining of metallic materials. In this context, SWISSto12 products feature drastic weight reductions, extended design flexibility and reduced production costs.
April 2016: HIRING NOW!
  • Ouverture de poste pour un(e) technicien(ne) ou Ingénieur(e) technique pour opérations en laboratoire de revêtements métalliques de surfaces. Voir le descriptif du poste pour de plus amples information.

  • Open position: SWISSto12 is recruiting a technical engineer or technician for metal plating laboratory operations. See Job Description for details and applications

  • Ouverture de poste pour un(e) ingénieur(e) de qualification de processus pour applications aéronautiques et spatiales. Voir le descriptif du poste pour de plus amples information.

  • Open position: SWISSto12 is recruiting a process qualification engineer for aerospace and space applications. See Job Description for details and applications

March 2016
SWISSto12's 3D printed antenna tested with great success at the European Space Agency
ESA newsletter page at the following
Detailed measurement results at the following

March 2016
SWISSto12, the European Space Agency and Cobham Antenna Systems collaborate on development of additive manufactured antennas.
Link to Press Release

March 2016
SWISSto12 awarded CTI funding to develop new dual Ku & Ka band satellite user antenna.
Link to Press Release

February 2016
SWISSto12 changes its logo for a fresh start into 2016!

January 2016
SWISSto12 closes Series A financing round Press Release

January 2016
Article on SWISSto12 published January 7th in the Handelszeitung

November 2015
SWISSto12 welcomes Roland Loos on its Advisory Board

October 6 - 9, 2015

SWISSto12 wins the best poster award for its results on additive manufactured RF components at the 36th
European Space Agency Antenna Workshop
Noordwijk, NL

June 2015
SWISSto12 invited to radio program CQFD for the Swiss RTS radio, LINK

June 2015
SWISSto12 reaches out into space with 3D printing.
Announcement of a first contract with the European Space Agency.
Press release in English
Communiqué de presse en Français
Article on EPFL Website
Article in Bilan.ch
September 13-16, 2016
SWISSto12 attends VSAT 2016
London, UK

June 06-08, 2016
SWISSto12 attends the Global connect aircraft summit
Los Angeles, USA

May 18-19, 2016
SWISSto12 attends the Aero'nov connection 2016
Aix en Provence, F

May 3-4, 2016
SWISSto12 attends the ASD days UK.
London, UK

April 11-14, 2016
SWISSto12 attends the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation. Come and see us at booth.
Davos, CH

March 8-10, 2016
SWISSto12 attends the Satellite event. Come and see us at booth #1650.
National Harbour, USA