SWISSto12 is one of the first companies to use additive manufacturing to print antennas.

Lausanne, Switzerland – March 23 2020

SWISSto12 is among Top-10 Swiss Engineering Startups.

Lausanne, Switzerland – March 19 2020

SWISSto12 has been selected as Top-5 most promising companies in the area by Le Temps.

Lausanne, Switzerland – January 1 2020

SWISSto12 Takes Off With NSLComm

Lausanne, Switzerland – October 1 2019

SWISSto12 announced today the successful launch and commissioning of its Ka band antenna feeder assembly aboard the NSLComm’s NSLSat-1 satellite.

SWISSTO12 raises CHF 18.1M to 3D print the future payloads for communications over satellite

Renens, Switzerland - August 29 2019

SWISSto12, a provider of telecommunications components for the satellite and aerospace industries, announced today the closing of a CHF 18.1M (USD 18.5M) Series Bfinancing round led by Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank and Swisscom Ventures andreturning investor Constantia New Business (CNB). This new round will accelerate the company’s industrialization and the commercial deployment of antenna products for communication satellites. The company will also direct the funding toward the introduction of new advanced communication payloads for the SmallSat market as well as continue the expansion of its recently opened offices in the U.S. andIsrael. In addition, SWISSto12 will explore first opportunities in terrestrial communications such as 5G.

SWISSTO12 partners with TYVAK to offer mini-GEO telecom satellite missions

Santa Clara, CA - August 29 2019

SWISSto12,a provider of 3D-printed telecommunications equipment,and TyvakNano-Satellite Systems, Inc.,a Terran Orbital Corporation,announced today a partnership to offer mini-GEO satellites.

RUAG Space and SWISSto12 partner to supply advanced active antenna solutions for high throughput satellites

The two companies partner to supply active phased array antenna products which are the backbone for future high throughput satellites from low-earth to geostationary orbit

Paris, 14 September 2018 - RUAG Space, the leading supplier to the European and US space industry, and SWISSto12, the leading aerospace supplier of novel antenna solutions based on additive manufacturing, have signed a partnership agreement at the World Satellite Business Week in Paris, France. Both partners are committed to supply future satellites missions, including constellations of telecommunication satellites with crucial antenna solutions. The collaboration will focus on the development, design and manufacturing of phased array antenna products that leverage the unique and complimentary offerings of both companies.

RUAG media release

SWISSto12's 3D printed innovative Ka band antenna feed chain to fly in Q4 2018 on NSLSat1, the world highest throughput nanosatellite (N-HTS).

SWISSto12 has recently supplied a Ka band antenna feed chain for flight onto NSLSat-1 due for launch in end of Q4 2018. This telecommunication satellite features a highly innovative deployable and adaptable reflector system that will allow for in flight tracking of users on the ground. NSLSat-1 is also the highest throughput nanosatellite containing advanced payload which includes an aluminium 3D printed RF system supplied by SWISSto12. Both companies have started collaborating in 2017 and managed to quickly ramp-up their activities to jointly design an RF sub-system which was then manufactured and tested by SWISSto12 in a record short time with the help of its disruptive 3D printing technology. Emile de Rijk, CEO of SWISSto12 quoted: “We are very pleased to work with our partner NSLComm on one of the first flight hardware launches of a SWISSto12 3D printed product into orbit. This launch along with others to come in 2018 pave the way towards a broader acceptance and use of SWISSto12’s highly performing and competitive 3D printed RF products onboard satellites.”

Thales Alenia Space and SWISSto12 enter into agreement to setup a digitalised and highly effective spacecraft waveguide supply chain

Thales Alenia Space and SWISSto12 entered into agreement during the Satellite 2018 show in Washington DC. Both companies will work and innovate together by setting up a novel supply chain of spacecraft waveguides. The products will be manufactured by SWISSto12 based on Thales Alenia Space design and SWISSto12 proprietary Additive Manufacturing and surface treatment technologies that have now reached space qualification maturity. Thales Alenia Space,the world champion in 3D-printed parts in orbit, will be amongst the first satellite integrators to benefit from this novel technology as well as a digitalisation approach that both partners are setting up to enable disruptively low lead-times, manufacturing flexibility and competitiveness for high quantities of custom designed waveguides.